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Like all living things, grapevines also require balance within the ecosystem in order to produce grapes of optimum quality. It is for this reason that Colterenzio strives to respect the rhythms produced by nature, utilizing natural methods and limiting environmental impact as much as possible. Sustainable viticulture is developed on various levels and functions hand-in-hand with good land management. This is central to the quality grape cultivation carried out by Colterenzio, methods which include:

  • selection and use of clones and rootstocks with a high resistance to water stress
  • careful pruning which reduces the yield per plant, paying particular attention to the cuts
  • performing "green operations": defoliation in the vineyards for greater ventilation and exposure to light and "green harvest" or thinning, in case of overproduction of the plant
  • aiming to preserve and improve the fertility of the soil using organic compost, utilizing the botanical matter resulting from pruning vines and cutting ground cover
  • limiting the treatments used to protect the plants from parasites by implementing natural methods (eg mating disruption) or early detection of diseases through specific analysis
  • using only environmentally friendly substances for treatments
  • reducing the use of tractors in the vineyards