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Quality originates in the vineyard. Absolute dedication to grape-growing is therefore the priority among all Colterenzio vintners. From planting the baby vines to harvesting the grapes by hand, at Colterenzio we believe that the work in the vineyard is determined by the rhythm of nature. Pests and various moulds & diseases are fought primarily with natural methods, adhering to the idea that the natural biological balance of the vine should always be maintained, which will result in strength and vitality. The vines are cultivated according to the traditional pergola and to the more modern guyot training systems.
Thanks to a natural grass cover, the humus content in the soil is higher, retaining more water, which can then be used as a water reserve. Additionally, severe reduction of fruit yields achieved with a system of winter pruning significantly increases the quality of the grapes. Finally, the relationship between the vintners and winery plays an important role, established by a continuous interaction and sharing of expertise that increases knowledge and consequently, the quality of wines.

Colterenzio was one of the first wine producers to champion an idea now recognized in many cellars: select the best vintners to form an elite group of quality ("The Quality Group"), whose objective is the production of grapes raised for wines of excellence. Utmost priority: severe reduction of yields per hectare/plant and total absence of herbicides. The wines included in the top lines express the perfection of the native Alto Adige grape varieties, preserving the best natural elements and defining, with diverse intensities, the soul of our land.