L'Heure Esquise

Lafóa is for Colterenzio more than just a wine range. Lafóa is the story of the winery, and tells about its developing path throughout these years. For this reason, Colterenzio today, wants to celebrate Lafoa as a work of art, in an artistic way, reflecting how this all came to life.

The new film attracted the attention of several international short film festivals. Among others, it was awarded at the "Florence Film Awards" and at the "Venice Film Awards" in the category "best super short film". At the "Oniros Film Awards" in New York and the "New York International Film Awards (NYIFA)" it was awarded "best commercial". It was also selected at the world's leading online film festival "Top Shorts". In numerous other festivals the film achieved excellent rankings.

The film was produced in collaboration with the filmmaker Carlo Guttadauro and his team AnamCara.