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Merry Christmas 2023

We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year 2024.
At the same time, we would like to thank you for the successful collaboration and for the trust you have placed in us.

Cantina Colterenzio

Eppan Berg

⛰ Elevation: 450-600 m a.s.l.
↘ Exposition: Slope inclined towards east.
☀ Climate: morning sun.
🌪 Wind: Fall winds in the evening.
🌱 Soil: Calcareous soil.

Our vineyards

Our vineyards in: Eppan Berg, Gries, Siebeneich and Girlan.


⛰ Elevation: 230-300 m. a.s.l.
↘ Exposure: South-west slope
☀ Climate/sun: afternoon sun
🌪 Wind: windless
🌱 Soil: dry, heat-storing quartz porphyry weathered soil


⛰ Altitude: 250 m. a.s.l.
↘ Exposure: Flat.
☀ Climate: boiler effect, very warm days, slightly cooler nights.
🌪 Wind: warm southern winds that get caught in the valley basin.
🌱 Soil: deep, warm, sandy alluvial soils of granite and porphyry.


⛰ Altitude: 400-500 m a.s.l.
↘ Exposure: Sun-kissed plateau, hilly with gentle western and eastern slopes.
☀ Climate: Morning and evening sun until into the evening hours.
🌪 Wind: North and south winds.
🌱 Soil: Moraine gravel soil.


The bottle of LR literally invites you to look closely at it, to perceive it in the totality of its appearance, without completely revealing its secret. Upon closer inspection, you can notic that the label was obscured by the glass and a net. This last one reminds Carlo Guttadauro, creator of the video, of a fencing mask. This association of fencing that the bottle can trigger, respresents the thread for the search and the narrative in images. The point was not to cros,s that fine line between revelation and mystery in LR.

Once the concept was in place, it was then a question of aesthetics, that is, to show that leap that turns a wine into a high-quality product. The movements of the Alto Adige fencer Elena Biasi are symbolically united with nature, the vineyard, the grapes and finally the noble drop in the glass.

Next to the fencer, who executes her movements with concentration and clear precision, it’s Luis Raifer, who symbolically opens a door in the video, namely the door to innovation in Alto Adige. Luis Raifer was successful because he believed in something, dared to do something, tried it out after long thoughts and studies, and created a new vision of what no one in Alto Adige believed in at the time. For this reason, he is today considered one of the great wine pioneers in Alto Adige.

The video is about two main actors: Luis Raifer and Elena Biasi - the wine LR and the fencer - who move as if in two parallel worlds. When a person's dreams come true, it results in movements and establishes a connection with the universe. When a person believes in something, that person sets the world around them in motion and Luis Raifer did that with the elegance of a fencer. If I were asked what the two of them are doing in the video, my answer would be simple: Elena is his reflection.

Pinot Nero Lafóa

Special wines need time. Sometimes even a decade. That's how long Colterenzio Winery has been working on the "Pinot Nero" project. The result? A powerful, characterful and elegant Alto Adige Pinot Nero. A new Lafóa wine.

L'Heure Esquise

Lafóa is for Colterenzio more than just a wine range. Lafóa is the story of the winery, and tells about its developing path throughout these years. For this reason, Colterenzio today, wants to celebrate Lafoa as a work of art, in an artistic way, reflecting how this all came to life.

The new film attracted the attention of several international short film festivals. Among others, it was awarded at the "Florence Film Awards" and at the "Venice Film Awards" in the category "best super short film". At the "Oniros Film Awards" in New York and the "New York International Film Awards (NYIFA)" it was awarded "best commercial". It was also selected at the world's leading online film festival "Top Shorts". In numerous other festivals the film achieved excellent rankings.

The film was produced in collaboration with the filmmaker Carlo Guttadauro and his team AnamCara.


Bright green bottle, colorful, playful label and a fresh, slightly aromatic taste - that's Pfefferer. Popular and highly requested since more than 40 years.

Video aziendale

The number 300 plays a major role at Colterenzio winery: 300 days of sunshine, 300 members, 300 hectares of vineyards.

The winery was founded in the year 1960, when 26 winegrowers from Colterenzio near Appiano established their own co-operative as a way of gaining independence from the wine merchants of that time. These rebels named the newly founded co-operative after their home, the little hamlet of Colterenzio, known in Italian as “Colterenzio”. These winegrowers were true pioneers, however, because after founding their co-operative they consistently began to increase product quality. This notion of quality was transmitted to all other members, who began experimenting with new varieties and forming quality groups. Today the 300 members and staff of the winery continue their work using exactly this model.

The grapes are grown on a total area of 300 hectares: the vineyards are located between 230 and 650 metres above sea level in one of Alto Adige’s best cultivation areas. A total of 14 varieties are grown: 35 percent of the wines are reds, the remaining 65 percent are whites. Colterenzio has long aimed to work in harmony with nature, a principle that applies not just to the vineyard – where the vines are tended with great care and harvesting is done only by hand – but also includes the cellar. Since the completion of rebuilding works in spring 2012, the winery is now largely self-sufficient in energy thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels and a heat recovery system.