The bottle of LR literally invites you to look closely at it, to perceive it in the totality of its appearance, without completely revealing its secret. Upon closer inspection, you can notic that the label was obscured by the glass and a net. This last one reminds Carlo Guttadauro, creator of the video, of a fencing mask. This association of fencing that the bottle can trigger, respresents the thread for the search and the narrative in images. The point was not to cros,s that fine line between revelation and mystery in LR.

Once the concept was in place, it was then a question of aesthetics, that is, to show that leap that turns a wine into a high-quality product. The movements of the Alto Adige fencer Elena Biasi are symbolically united with nature, the vineyard, the grapes and finally the noble drop in the glass.

Next to the fencer, who executes her movements with concentration and clear precision, it’s Luis Raifer, who symbolically opens a door in the video, namely the door to innovation in Alto Adige. Luis Raifer was successful because he believed in something, dared to do something, tried it out after long thoughts and studies, and created a new vision of what no one in Alto Adige believed in at the time. For this reason, he is today considered one of the great wine pioneers in Alto Adige.

The video is about two main actors: Luis Raifer and Elena Biasi - the wine LR and the fencer - who move as if in two parallel worlds. When a person's dreams come true, it results in movements and establishes a connection with the universe. When a person believes in something, that person sets the world around them in motion and Luis Raifer did that with the elegance of a fencer. If I were asked what the two of them are doing in the video, my answer would be simple: Elena is his reflection.