The story of “Lafóa”

Lafóa – four wines of Colterenzio bear this name. But where does this name come from and what does its label represent? We explain you the story of this special brand.

It was in the 1980’s, when Luis Raifer, winegrower and, at this time, director and president of Colterenzio Winery, came back from a...
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The History of the Tower

The Black Tower, imposing and distinctive, stands out from the label affixed to the bottles of the Schreckbichl winery. But how did Schreckbichl come to choose the tower, and what significance does it have for the winery today? We find out.

Luis Raifer, former chairman and managing director of the Schreckbichl winery, clearly remembers: “The first bottle of wine to...
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LR 2015

The label

Maenads and nymphs, followers of Bacchus, god of wine. The motifs are instantly familiar:
the bacchante, grape-enamoured and ruddy...
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LR: Pure passion

In autumn 2014 LR was showcased for the first time. Since then, four vintages of this exclusive White Cuvée have been released and LR has become the hidden “special treasure” for all wine lovers.

Although still very young, LR has been conceived a long time before it was actually launched. The initial concept was created by Luis...
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Pfefferer - The Phenomenon of the green bottle

It is one of the historical wines of Colterenzio, has a successful unrivalled story, and is now the most popular white wine from Alto Adige in Russia: the Pfefferer. What is behind the creation of this wine? what is the secret of its great success?

“Nobody ever thought, that this wine could become such a big success”, remember Franz Sinn and Luis Raifer. Sinn was the...
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Stories about Colterenzio

“The connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes its secrets”, said Salvador Dalí.

Indeed, every winery has its secrets, its stories.
On the following pages, we would like to share with you some stories about the...
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