LR 2017: Symphony of the senses

The new vintage 2017 of the exclusive white wine cuvée LR appears vibrant, delicate and with a long finish.

"For me, the LR 2017 is like a symphony: there is no solo player but a full orchestra. Each of the three grape varieties and each single vineyard, from where the grapes are sourced from, make the wine a harmonious ensemble," says Martin Lemayr, winemaker of Colterenzio.
And just like a symphony, LR 2017 is also a piece of art, structured into several movements that are artfully and harmoniously bound together. On the nose, the wine has a pronounced intensity, reminiscent of fresh and dry fruit, spices, and the typical Chardonnay notes make their first grand entrance. Then, at the first sip, the tempo changes: the wine shows its filigree, delicate, charming, elegant side. The finale is then magnificent with a long long finish.

The unique characteristics of vintage 2017
While 2015 was marked by its very warm, full-bodied wines and 2016 by its powerful, expressive wines, 2017 is certainly identified by its finesse. Instead of expressing its power, this vintage shows the noble, elegant side of the Alto Adige white wines. LR 2017 has an incredibly ample spectrum of aromas and subtle nuances, altogether, leading to a great harmony and balance. It is certainly the most elegant of these three vintages. A composition that seduces and leads to beautiful dreams.

A new stage for LR
The LR has a new packaging. It’s the perfect combination of aesthetics and usefulness.
"When visiting our customers, we often noticed, that when the LR bottle was displayed, it was always on its own and the case lying next to it. We wanted to change this and make the case the perfect presentation for the bottle," says Alex Ferrigato, sales manager at Colterenzio Winery. In collaboration with Granit graphic studio and Manfred Alois Mayr, we designed a new box made of high-quality cardboard. This has also the advantage of protecting the wine from the daylight. The white glass of the LR bottle is more delicate, more light rays can hit the wine, and this can lead to off-flavors in the wine after a long exposure. This can be limited by this new artistic box: "We recommend displaying the wine in the box. Even when the box is open at the front, it is better protected from daylight. At the same time, on the two wings we briefly described the wine and its strong connection to art. We are also adding instructions on how to deal with the net in which the bottle is wrapped," concludes Ferrigato.


LR 2017: The label
Subject: Francisco Goya (1746-1828), La vendimia, 1786.

The grape harvest is the hour of the vintner dignified and graceful her plentiful basket in harmony with rosy, radiant cheeks. All around, the annual cult is welcomed gratefully and joyfully in bright autumn colours and festive dress. From the offering of luscious grapes to the raising of glasses expectations abound.

The wine

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