We have adopted the same practice in the cellar as our winegrowers use every day in the vineyards: that of working in harmony with nature.

When the cellar was renovated in 2009, we decided to upgrade our cellars not only on an architectural level, but also in terms of renewable energy sources. Our photovoltaic power station now covers 55% of the energy requirements of the cellar, where most of our machinery and computers are used. Through solar panels and heat recovery system, furthermore, we are in a position to meet 70% of our hot water requirements, needed to clean the bottling lines and tanks and heat the offices. Our energy concept allows us to operate sustainably and we are, to a great extent, energy self-sufficient.

Every wine is a work of art: Unique and unmistakeable.

No vintage is like any other, wine is a living being in a state of constant evolution. It is an expression of its terroir, formed by the climate, by the expert hand of the cellar master and by its own ripening process.  

To breathe new life into the cellar building, previously somewhat bland and faceless, significant renovations began in the cellar in 2010 with a mindful regard for the countryside and the environment. In order to achieve this, Michaela Wolf und Gerd Bergmeister (Brixen) and their team were appointed, and asked to take their inspiration from the vineyard: The details, in wood and steel, highly visible even from the outside, reflect the close connection between tradition and technology, while the wood of the outer facade is reminiscent of oak barrels. The black panels in sheet metal symbolise the steel vats, the modern side of wine production.

The “Green Theatre” completes the works: a light, dynamic steel structure on which a wide variety of trees and shrubs have been planted. The theatre was conceived as a natural extension of the new building and the hill behind.