Wine Cellar

The force of gravity: readily available and infinitely resourceful takes centre stage at our receiving station, built in 2010. The receiving station is the first stop for the healthy, ripe grapes grown by our vintner families, and it is gravity that brings the fruits to the de-stemming and crushing machines on the lower floor. All red grapes are de-stemmed, crushed and transferred to fermentation tanks, while white grapes are partially de-stemmed or crushed without de-stemming and conveyed to the presses below.

Membrane presses ensure that the grapes are processed gently, and that the precious aromas are retained. The wines have an intense, full bouquet and, even after a long period of bottle-ageing, preserve a distinctive bouquet and a clear varietal character. For fermentation and ageing of our wines we use stainless steel vats, concrete barrels or wood barrels depending on their character of the grapes. 

When wine reaches the cellaring stage, the skill and expertise of our cellar master Martin Lemayr and his team come into play. They work with dedication and passion to preserve the quality of the wine