Our winegrowers

Our 300 winegrowers are the backbone of our winery. They work year-round on their wine hills with their families in order to supply us with top-quality wine grapes every autumn.  

“I have always been fascinated by agriculture and I would never change my job for anything else in the world. I farm my vineyards sustainably, as I believe it is important to think about the next generations, who shall have the possibility of enjoying our Nature, and our soil.”

Ulrich Prast, winegrower from Cornaiano

“"Why I started to work in Agriculture? Because of my love for Nature and my passion for technology. Since an early age, I have always loved to help my father: I was very happy to “produce” something myself, to work in the nature and with it the whole year and then pick high-quality grapes, in the Fall, during harvest, which are then transformed into excellent wines. The cycle of Nature and Progress never stop.”

Maximilian Glöggl, winegrower and youngest member of Colterenzio

“I am fascinated by the fact that with grapes you can create something, you can bring a new product to life. It is always exciting how every vintage is different from the other, and this means you always need to challenge yourself pursuing new growing techniques: in viticulture, research and new development never end.”

Stefan Donà, young winegrower from Cornaiano

“I have always been impressed about the range of wines at Colterenzio. In order to build a strong brand and to produce excellent wines, you simply have to focus on quality and to keep on improving continuously: this is the only option.”

Hanno Ferrari, organic farmer from Salorno

"I’m a member by tradition: My father passed his grapes on to the cellar too. I entrust my harvest to an excellent partner. I love working in the countryside: It is exhilarating to see how life awakens and grows. And every year when I see the beautiful grapes hanging from the vines in autumn, I rejoice once more."

Rudi Mayr from Colterenzio, winegrower and beekeeper, member of the wine cooperative since 1994

"I always wanted to be a farmer, and my training and my work at the Laimburg Research Centre confirmed the decision. Today, I run a fruit and wine farm together with my family."

Evelyn Hanni, agronomist, member of the cooperative winery since 2017 and member of the Colterenzio wine cooperative management board

"The work of a winegrower, is not all about learning how to do it, but it is more about passion and a sensitive attitude to observation. It is crucial, for a good winegrower, to always look at  Nature in a sincere way."

Peter Martini, winegrower and beekeeper

"I am very proud about the enhanced quality of Alto Adige wines in the last years and its prestigious position acquired around the world. I am very honored and proud to have given my little contribution to this, with my hard and passionate work in the vineyards."

Renate Gelf, winegrower and one of the 77 women, who are members of Colterenzio winery.

"I love being a winegrower: I think this is the best job in the world! There is nothing more exciting than being in a natural environment every day and observe how it changes through the seasons."

Maximilian Niedermayr, President of Cantina Colterenzio

"It was my parents who gave me my love for winegrowing and for nature. I run the Lacknerhof farm together with my mother. Merlot, our main varietal, thrives wonderfully well on the steep stony terraces. With labour and love, every year we strive to deliver the very best of grapes."

Annemarie Nagler and Margareth Marchetti from Settequerce, near Terlano, wine and apple farmers, partners of the wine cooperative since 1998

"I am an organic farmer by conviction. I work in close contact with the countryside every day, and so it is important to me to be as gentle with her as possible. When I walk through my vineyard, I never cease to marvel at the life that burgeons amongst the vines, the blossoming, the humming and the buzzing."

Manfred Klotz from Frangarto, organic farmer, member of the wine cooperative since 2014

"In the 1980s, the trend was towards quality, and you could see more and more winegrowers following this philosophy. Today, quality is simply a must. There is no alternative to quality production. It is the only right thing that can be done."

Josef Oberrauch, winegrower from Appiano