A Pinot Nero for Lafóa

Special wines need time. Sometimes even a decade. That's how long Colterenzio Winery has been working on the "Pinot Nero" project. The result? A powerful, characterful and elegant Alto Adige Pinot Nero. A new Lafóa wine.

Lafóa, the highest wine range of the Colterenzio wine production, was created in the late 1980s as part of the quality challenge of...
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The long living king (of Burgundy)

Willful, unpredictable, multi-faced, incredibly seductive, or simply: Pinot Noir. It is precisely this complexity that fascinates both winemakers and wine lovers. When, 10 years ago, Colterenzio Winery launched the Pinot Nero-quality project, three winegrowers, part of this quality group, were specifically involved, and committed themselves in discovering the noblest of all red wine varieties.

The Pinot grape, which includes Pinot Noir, is one of the oldest and noblest grape varieties in the world. It is thought that it has been...
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LR 2017: Symphony of the senses

The new vintage 2017 of the exclusive white wine cuvée LR appears vibrant, delicate and with a long finish.

"For me, the LR 2017 is like a symphony: there is no solo player but a full orchestra. Each of the three grape varieties and each single...
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LR 2016: Elegance and Pure Emotion

With 2016 vintage, the exclusive white cuvee made with Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc grapes, has reached its fifth year of production. With its inimitable finesse and elegance, this vintage is particularly promising of and extraordinary character.

LR is a unique wine, capable of expressing the excellence of its terroir. It has been dedicated to Luis Raifer, who was for decades chairman...
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LR 2016: Unique packaging

The original idea
Vine, grapes, wine: since ever a motivation for grape-growers and used often as major themes in art. Many are the...
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Pfefferer PINK: joie de vivre in rosè

For 40 years now, the Pfefferer and its unique green bottle has been a favourite among wine lovers. Now, we are ready to launch into the market its “little sister”, the “Pfefferer PINK”: a fresh, fruity wine with a delicate rosè colour.

“It is certainly a distinctive bottle of wine”, smiled Alex Ferrigato as he examined the finished bottle of the new Pfefferer...
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