All good things come in threes

The Pfefferer family is growing. The new Pfefferer SUN- limited edition, a youthful, fresh white wine cuvée, is now on the market.

"This wine is intended to especially convey a sense of lightness, lightheartedness and be part of special joyful moments," says Martin Lemayr, winemaker at Colterenzio winery.
We ask the Sales Director of Colterenzio, Alex Ferrigato how the idea of Pfefferer SUN was first created: "Our Pfefferer in the green bottle is a Moscato Giallo. It is produced since 1979 and has been one of our most popular and successful wines for us, ever since. The Pfefferer PINK, second addition to this Pfefferer line, was first released with vintage 2019, and was also meant to be a light, fresh, slightly fruity wine, easy drinking and great for any occasion, now appreciated by many wine lovers. We now wanted to add to this “Pfefferer-family” a white wine that would perfectly complement to the two: less pronounced than Pfefferer on the aromas, but still slightly aromatic and in line with its original “Pfefferer-style”. It was also crucial to us that this new wine should embody the same joie de vivre and light style as the two existing wines, and these qualities would be the essential characteristics to fit perfectly into the “Pfefferer family”."

To put these ideas into practice, the winemaker Martin Lemayr in trying to create the perfect blend, analyzed a wide range of grape varieties. He decided, eventually for Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco and Sauvignon. "When we had the first idea about this wine, I immediately thought about these three grape varieties because they represent well our territory, complement each other perfectly, and their interplay results in a fresh, fruity and very appealing drinking-experience."

The wine is launched in a limited edition, explains Alex Ferrigato: "It is intended to be something new for our long-standing Pfefferer afficionados and be a constant presence in the warm season with its typical Pfefferer’s joie de vivre. The SUN is an ideal wine for the upcoming Spring and Summer months, to be enjoyed on the beach, on a terrace, best as an aperitif or with light Mediterranean dishes.

Pfefferer SUN - the wine

Story / All good things come in threes