Pfefferer PINK: joie de vivre in rosè

For 40 years now, the Pfefferer and its unique green bottle has been a favourite among wine lovers. Now, we are ready to launch into the market its “little sister”, the “Pfefferer PINK”: a fresh, fruity wine with a delicate rosè colour.

“It is certainly a distinctive bottle of wine”, smiled Alex Ferrigato as he examined the finished bottle of the new Pfefferer PINK for the first time.

The packaging is indeed eye-catching: a white glass bottle with its pink content, a pink capsule and typical Pfefferer label, but in pink: “For any wine lover, a rosé wine would mean a light, fresh, slightly fruity wine, easy drinking and great for any occasion”, says the Colterenzio Sales Manager “,  and this bottle of wine, has been created with this expectation clear in mind”.

Colterenzio winery has for years been thinking about creating a rosé wine. “A rosé is a wine with many qualities: it offers the freshness and fruitiness of a white wine, along with the light astringency and tannins of the red grapes”, says Martin Lemayr, winemaker of Colterenzio. “For a winemaker, a rosé wine has always a certain appeal: Rosés can range from being simple, light, summer wines to being wines with distinctive body and structure. The varieties available, are almost endless – and this opens up a wide range of possibilities for a winemaker.” Lemayr started the rosé project by searching the right grape varieties: “We made many attempts, using different grapes, before we finally got to this final cuvee.”

The final result, the Pfefferer PINK, is a wine of a pale onion skin colour, with fruity aromas of strawberry and peach on the nose, combined with subtle spicy notes. It is fresh, fruity, juicy, full of finesse and pleasant to drink.

Alex Ferrigato is delighted by the latest wine from Colterenzio winery: “this wine will have the same effect of our white Pfefferer on all wine lovers: it stimulates the joy de vivre and is ideal as an aperitif. I am sure that Pfefferer PINK will get directly into the heart and palate of our customers”, he continues.

How is rosé wine made?

As a general rule, rosé wines are very light-coloured wines made from red grapes. There are several ways to make a rosé wine. For our Pfefferer PINK, we use the maceration method., After the soft pressing, the berries will be left macerate with the juice in order to extract colour, tannins and fruit aromas from the grapes. For this reason, the skins of the grapes must have direct contact with the grape juice, but not too long.

The longer the contact with the skins, the more intense the colour of the final rosé wine will be. In order to stop maceration, it is required to remove the solid parts (the pulp and seeds) from the juice. The rosé-coloured grape must is then fermented in a stainless-steel tank, where the alcoholic fermentation occurs, transforming the grape juice into wine.

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