LR 2016: Unique packaging

The original idea
Vine, grapes, wine: since ever a motivation for grape-growers and used often as major themes in art. Many are the images linked to these three words, depicting reason in contrast with passion, sensuality bound to sensory perceptions, and where bodies, color and pictures are intertwined with the work of making wine. At the end, the work of art has been completed: the quality is revealed through transparencies as a homage to the never-lasting myth of the body and its sensuality,

The Texture
Each bottle is wrapped into a unique and sophisticated metal net, recreating the finesse of a woman corset.

The painting in the bottle
The label is detectible through the bottle glass, creating the expectation for the palate: freshness, minerality and perfect maturity. The themes on the labels are always linked to Bacchus and the art of pleasure in wine.

LR, edition 2016
Subject: Caesar Boëtius van Everdingen (1616/17-1678), the Harvest, circa 1655. ©Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem (Paesi Bassi) Foto: René Gerritsen
Wine and art: a centuries-long love-affair. The most exciting time of the year is the harvest time, where divine and worldly aspects come together in a symbiosis of work and sensuality. The ripen grapes are all gathered in the traditional vats, and are pressed with naked feet to make the final product. The harvest as a meditation and a well-being, meant for the achievement of the final quality nectar. A myth is born: harmonic, bodied, characterful and legendary- LR.

The wine

The story of LR

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